The booth price does not include walls, carpet or chairs/tables! The minimum stand size is 6 m². All booth prices include *

  • Row Stand (€/m² plus * in each case)
    • Early Bird: 6-19m²: 120,00€/m², 20-79m²: 115,00€/m²
    • from January 1, 2024: 6-19m²:125,00 €/m², 20-79m²: 120,00€/m²
  • Corner Stand (€/m² plus * in each case)
    • Early Bird: 6-19m²: 130,00€/m², 20-79m²: 125,00€/m², ab 89m²: 120,00 €/m²
    • from January 1, 2024: 6-19m²: 140,00 €/m², 20-79m²: 135,00€/m², ab 89m²: 130,00 €/m²
  • Head Stand (€/m² plus * in each case)
    • Early Bird: 6-19m²: 135,00€/m², 20-79m²: 130,00€/m², ab 89m²: 125,00 €/m²
    • from January 1, 2024: 6-19m²: 145,00 €/m², 20-79m²: 140,00€/m², ab 89m²: 130,00 €/m²
  • Island stand (€/m² plus * in each case)
    • Early Bird: 20-79m²: 140,00€/m², ab 89m²: 135,00 €/m²
    • from January 1, 2024: 20-79m²: 145,00 €/m², ab 89m²: 140,00 €/m²

Plus 19% VAT, plus enviroment/waste charge 8 €/m², plus service fee 55 €
If you book a stand at both the HALF MARATHON EXPO and the MARATHON EXPO, you will receive a guaranteed stand space in the indoor areas at the MARATHON EXPO 2024. Registration for the MARATHON EXPO takes place in spring.

Additional services

You can use your user account to order additional services such as TV with HDMI and USB connection, basic electrical exclusion, internet access and parking tickets.

Application deadline 

The application deadline for additional services is March 1, 2024

Late bookings for electrical connections and internet access
For organizational reasons we have to add an extra charge when you order after the official deadline. This extra charge will be 30% when you book after the deadline until one week before the EXPO and it will be 100% when you book in last the week before the event. Please meet the deadlines.

Stand construction and furnishing

Our partner for stand construction and furnishing:

expofair GmbH
Bessemerstraße 38-42
12103 Berlin

Inquiries for exhibition furniture and exhibition furniture can be made here.


For insurance reasons, it is unfortunately no longer possible to send packages to the former Airport Tempelhof or to the expo office. It is also not possible to put the deliveries on the stand area! We ask for your understanding. We are pleased to inform you that for the MARATHON EXPO 2020 the company DBSchenker is available as our official logistics partner. The company DBSchenker offers logistics services before, during and after the event, as well as national and international transport services as a complete package to the expo. The services include:

  • National and international transports (via land, air, sea and express)
  • Unloading and loading of vehicles on the measuring platform
  • Deliveries to the expo stand / pick up from  the expo stand
  • Storage of goods
  • Work equipment and other equipment
  • Customs clearance
  • and more ...

Download - Shipping Manual

Download - Logistic Tariff

Download - Shipment Notification

Should you have any questions, do you need a non-binding offer for your transport or would you like to order logistics services, please contact the DBSchenker team.

Your contacts of DBSchenker:

Mike Penkert
Fon: +49(0)30/3012995-442
Fax: +49(0)30/3012995-8442
Mobil: +49(0)15161338063